Servomold control units

Why Servo?

There are many aspects which favor the use of servo technology in the automation of injection molding tools, but you can also bring it in a nutshell: 100% Control!

Safety first!

Security is one of the main aspects in the development of our controllers – security for the user – process safety during injection molding and safety for the injection mold. This demand is part of all our control units, allowing you complete control over your injection molding process!

  • Operator safety in accordance with EU Machinery Directive
  • Access control of user levels and traceability in case of process deviations
  • Precise and controlled movement during injection molding
  • Permanent torque and force monitoring with safety stop.
Control unit SUS Panel

Uniform operating concept

All Servomold control units feature a uniform operating concept – the software is easy to use and can be customized
individually to the respective requirements by simple parametrization.

Special features

  • Program management (recipe management) with internal memory or on a USB stick
  • Torque and force monitoring by indicating real values in Nm (rotary motions) or N (linear movements)
  • Adjusting the servo controller to many diff erent mechanical requirements by autotuning
  • User management with 5 password protected user levels
  • Easily switchable language versions
  • Powerful program editor for universal creation of sequence programs (ramps, velocities, accelerations, etc.)

LED light strip

All Servomold control units signal by an LED light strip the various operating states as well as the exceeding of torque limits or other disfunctions. This contributes considerably to the safety and ease of use of the control unit - so you are always informed about the status of your production process.


Basically, the connection to injection molding machines can be divided into the topics product safety and communication.

Interface on the injection molding machine

Product safety

In order to meet the product safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the control unit must be included in the emergency stop and protective door system of the injection molding machine. Possibilities for that are off ered by various standard interfaces (Euromap), special emergency stop and protective door interfaces or a custom extension of the emergency stop and protective door circuit by means of safety relays.


The communication with the injection molding machine takes place via 24 V signals. The possibilities for this are manifold:

Core puller signals

You can use the 24 V switching signals of a hydraulic core puller (core forward/ core retract) and report the final positions (core is forwarded / core is retracted) back at the end of each movement.

Euromap 74 interface

This optional interface is specifi cally designed for use with electrical core pullers and provides both for communication as well as for signals relevant to product safety.

Digital input and output signals

These are usually available as freely programmable inputs and outputs and can be used arbitrarily for communication.

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