SSPL - The Servomold Principle

All Servomold system solutions are strictly designed and manufactured according to our SSPL principle:

  • Servo-electrical drives
  • Separation of drive train
  • Process capability
  • Longevity

Servo-electrical drives

In Servomold system solutions servo-electrical drives are used exclusively. The advantages of these drives are mainly the control of the angular position of the motor shaft and the controllability of the speed, acceleration and deceleration. Thus an outstanding positioning is achieved.

In connection with a planetary gearbox a drive unit is formed, which is perfectly suited in terms of torque and speed for the use in injection molding tools.

Coggingfreie Servomotoren
Maintenance free high-performance planetary gearbox & Cogging-free servo motors

Seperation of drive train

The Servomold threaded core technology is based on a separation of the forming components of the torque steer from the drivetrain. The spur wheel and thread core are guided freely movable by a splined shaft – radial driving forces are absorbed through thin section bearings at the spur wheel. Simultaneously, the rotational movement of the spur
wheel is transferred via the splined shaft to the threaded core and enforced by a guide thread nut a helical motion which
corresponds to the pitch of the form thread.

  • 1 Threaded core
  • 2 Splined shaft profile with guide thread
  • 3 Guide nut with guide thread for axial movement
  • 4 Thin section bearings take load from drivetrain
  • 5 Spur wheel initiates the rotation

Process capability

Servomold system components are optimized for use in injection molding processes. Compared to classic automation tasks there is a large number of infl uencing parameters in injection molding. High temperatures and pressures, breakaway torque and reversing operation etc. complicate the conditions and must be considered in the design. This circumstance we take into account in our wormdrive unscrewing device by decoupling the servo drives from the worm gear. Thus, mold temperatures up to 150° C can be realized.

  • 1 Servomold drive unit coupling (SAK)
  • 2 Line shaft to decouple the effects of temperature
  • 3 Servomold wormdrive unscrewing device


All Servomold system components are designed for maximum durability - thus, e. g. all Servomold gear wheels are manufactured in 16MnCr5, hardened to 59 ± 1 HRC and ground.


The combination of all Servomold principles leads to high-performance system solutions with multiple benefits for your injection molding tool and injection molding process.

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